Alcohol and Exercise


Hi there Champions,


This week we will focussing on our good old friend ‘Alcohol’ and its effects on our training.

As you have all noticed, we have been having a little bit of a ‘heatwave’ lately….time to top-up on that Vitamin D while we can ;-).

Anyway, because of the glorious weather there have been many impromptu parties, gatherings, BBQ’s etc. which we all love! However, this spontaneity has also made many drop their guard in their alcohol consumption.

As you roll your eyes, I hear you saying…..Well what’s wrong with a little drink Marta?

Absolutely nothing Champions! But let’s be truthful, IS IT ‘just a little’ drink you are having??? Is it???

Lately I frequently hear the following, I’m sure you have too….

‘It’s sweltering out here, I could do with a cold one’
‘I can’t wait to get home and sun myself in the garden with a nice cold glass of……’
‘It’s still bright out, let’s go out for a couple of drinks’
Feel free to add more…..Lol

A recent British study by Opinium showed that when the weather heated up, Brits guzzled around 33 million more pints of beer over the summer months!!!

So, instead of quenching thirst with water, alcohol becomes the drink of choice which in fact causes more dehydration, hence you drink more….do you see the cycle?

So what effects does the increased level have on exercise and body enhancement?

  1. Alcohol consumption appears to enhance dehydration thus impacting training and recovery
  2. Alcohol reduces muscle growth – to maximise muscle growth and repair avoid alcohol consumption following resistance exercise
  3. Alcohol is just empty calories – so does not really have any nutritional value, there are about 180 calories in a pint of beer and 150 in a glass of white wine, whilst a Bacardi and Coke has 126 calories
  4. The calories in alcohol are metabolised first by the body, ahead of burning fat – which is not desirable if on a weight/fat loss diet

So Champions, take stock of how much alcohol you are consuming during these summer months as not to waste all your hard work!

Moderation will allow us to stay focussed and attain our health and fitness goals!

Stay Motivated!


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