Saima Safdar

I was already using the gym to get fit for my wedding but was mostly doing cardio and the odd classes. I felt that it wasn’t making any difference so was trying to figure out whether I should try a personal trainer. Marta was actually explaining to someone else about how she could help them and I overheard.  I spoke to Marta straight away and discussed how I needed to lose some weight for my wedding. Marta was very understanding and knew exactly how she could help me. She guided me on what to eat assisted me with training and did weekly measurements to check my progress. Marta trained me for 3 months prior to my wedding and with her training and following the eating plan she gave me I lost 1 and a half stones! I felt and looked fantastic! I was a gym user but had never shifted weight that fast and healthily. Marta is everything you can ask for in a personal trainer. She helps you achieve your goals and makes sure you get those results. I enjoyed my training with Marta so much that I am back training with her again! All I can say is everyone should have Marta in their life! : )


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